Books can be a great way to explain cleft to family members, both child and adult, and for your own reference.

Online bookshops list various books about cleft lip and palate issues, some designed for medical and speech professionals, some for families. Any book that is in print can be ordered from your local bookshop, or search on “cleft” at or

Books for children:

Clancy Has a Cleft… and A Really Cool Scar is a brief workbook, available from CleftPALS Vic for only $5. Head to the Shop to purchase. 

First Place by Kate Gaynor is a sweetly illustrated story of a five year old girl with cleft lip and palate, and how her speech therapy helps her win a prize for reciting a poem. Useful for kids understanding speech therapy / communication difficult. Published by Special Stories, 2006.

The Story of Lippy the Lion. “Handsome and strong as Lippy was, there was also something different.” (isbn 9781894936675). Published by Saga Books, 2007, USA (please note that not every parent agrees with the approach of this book; check out Amazon reviews first).

Going to the Hospital by Anna Civardi is a picture book about a boy having surgery on his ear. There are lots of books on this topic at your local library.

Books for parents:

Your Cleft-Affected Child: The Complete Book of Information, Resources, and Hope. (isbn 978-0897931854). Published by Hunter House, 2001, USA

Children with Cleft Lip and Palate: A Parent’s Guide to Early Speech-Language Development and Treatment (isbn 978-1606132104). Published by Woodbine House, 2015).

The Cleft Palate Story is a parent guide on cleft issues and a primer for medical professionals. (isbn 1556427786). Published by SLACK Incorporated, 2006, USA.

Questions & Answers for Parents from Melbourne Cleft Lip & Palate Centre (RCH) can be
downloaded or viewed online or available in hard copy from the Cleft Clinic, Royal Children’s Hospital

Breastfeeding Babies with Cleft of Lip / Palate is a booklet published by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Order direct from the ABA.


Please contact us if you have other suggestions for useful resources that we can list here.