stephen-cleftpals13How You Can Help

CleftPALS is a volunteer organisation. Most of us are parents of cleft kids, or cleft affected adults. Many of us have never been involved with a volunteer group before and find the experience of helping other families hugely rewarding. Want to help us? Here’s how.

Become a member

This is the single most effective thing you can do to enable CleftPALS to continue helping others. Being a member gives you lots of support such as newsletters, discounts on feeding equipment, and access to other parents. Even better, it helps other families too.

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Volunteer your skills

Got a bit of time? We can always use people.

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Got specialist skills?

If you’re a health professional, have a background in events, marketing or graphic/web design, are a teacher or youth worker, or have any other skills relevant to our kind of organisation, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in contact with your ideas!



As a volunteer group, we constantly fundraise to give back to the cleft affected community. Here are some ideas:

  • Help us run a CleftPALS event to raise funds and bring families together
  • Host a morning tea fundraiser at your work. Ask people to bring in cakes and snacks, and then donate a gold coin to attend. If you can use brochures to hand out let us know
  • Carry a Ritchie’s keyring to support CleftPALS in the Ritchie’s supermarket Community Benefits programme
  • Organise a sausage sizzle in support of CleftPALS at your local supermarket or hardware shop
  • Ask an organisation or school you’re involved in to get people fundraising for CleftPALS
  • Do a walk, run or sporting event and ask friends to sponsor you for CleftPALS



There are several ways to donate.

  • Make a donation through our online store, where 100% of the proceeds remain with CleftPALS.
  • CleftPALS are registered with Everyday Hero
    • If you or a friend is running an event such as Run Melbourne or any other Everyday Hero event, choose CleftPALS to be your recipient!
  • Do you have access to good or services that we can use for fundraising, in gift hampers or as raffle prizes?
    • Examples include toys, books, non-perishable foods, gift items, a voucher for a restaurant meal or a weekend away, and much more.


If you have any questions about getting involved or financial questions please contact us on

CleftPALS relies on people just like you. Can you help?