Kyles-StoryWant to support a specific CleftPALS project?

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Cleft babies often need specialist feeding equipment. This can be a big financial burden on families already struggling with the emotional shock of the baby’s cleft, and dealing with costs associated with hospital visits and time off work. A donation of just $41.00 pays for a Special Needs starter pack for a family in financial need.

Cleftstars is a network for young people aged 9-21 to share their experiences. Involvement in Cleftstars helps kids’ self esteem and become more confident.Donate funds help support Cleftstars events so more kids can attend.

The Give Our Kids A Voice campaign is campaigning to extend speech therapy access for cleft kids. Funds can be used to create information packs to lobby and promote the campaign.

Want to find out more about the causes of clefts and their effects? Donate to support a cleft research project

Want to support families going through surgery? Your donation can be used to help with accommodation for a family traveling from the country, or a gift for the child having surgery or their siblings.

Family support playdates and CleftPALS family events are important for families with young kids to meet and share stories. Donations help subsidize the events for cleft affected families.

We want to educate doctors, Maternal Health Nurses, midwives and sonographers about clefts. Your donation can pay for information leaflets to be mailed to professional associations or inserted in conference packs. Let us know if you can help.